Pray… (Give the lord a hand praise) hallelujah…praise..Glad to be here. To share, to express, to encourage, A New Year of beginning. ….How are we going to do it …by doing somethings different …etc application?
Deuteronomy 6;1-8…
Lift up vs. 8 And thou shall bind them for a sign upon they hand, and they shall be as Frontlets between thine eyes (2x) Keeping the lord before you.
Israel is gathered before the crossing (relate crossing) the J River into the Promised L
They have been through 40 years of transformation Egyptian slaves ,idol worshipers , not truly able to know how to Trust in the Lord etc..
The life of Mosses is coming to an end and he is the leader so he is giving his most fervent instructions… Delivering inspirational speeches on how they were to live.
(Funny thing about inspirational messages …it is somebody’s else understanding about a situation that they…. are glad about ,, somebody’s else knowledge revelation that they are trying to get you to understand ..The way they understand it… (Circuit motivational speakers get paid top dollar to come in and inspire& motivate people into an action
It is their mental process, their mental way of thinking that they are trying to convey to the audience.
The good ones also truly believe it is in your best interest to believe them…
Their purpose is to encourage and stimulate the people to do something… with greater effort, greater enthusiasm and creativity
I’ve come to think we have to develop…. a way to inspire ourselves despite our circumstances,
In development, there’s building, becoming clear,. Enlarging, adopting proven methods, acquiring new knowledge, changing and growing ….and consistency
But you do have to remember …what your inspiration is ….when you think about it ….inspiration can be a predecessor to making the right choice (talk about choice)
( to remembrance )
The people of Israel had plenty of lessons that had to be learned before they could cross into the promise land … as we have figured out … we to have had to learn plenty of lessons ….I have come to the conclusion that purpose of these lessons is the same as the reasons we learn lessons in grade school,, the same reasons lessons are learned in jr. high ..the same in HS,, the am as Undergraduate , Master programs ,,and PhDs,, ,the lessons that first lesson you learned in preschool to the last lesson you learned yesterday about your so called best friend …gives us an opportunity to MASTER something in our decision making …..(rywm)
To become highly skilled in something or acquire a complete understanding of it you have to master the decision making process in how you acquire your conclusion.. when we mastered 1+1 =2 ,,,when we mastered our ABC s and put together G& O means GO ,,,T& O means TO ….we mastered that decision making process of putting the 2 letters to form a word ,
Mastering a decision making process to produce beneficial means can be said to have MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE …2x (.rywm)
When we mastered how to make the right choice to the lesson that our teachers where teaching …we benefited from that choice,, (an A on the test and increasing our Knowledge)
There are certain benefits that came from mastering your opportunity to make the right choice.. 2X
As we got older our mastering skills in decision making becomes….. More complex…………….. Emotions are into the equations now…
Controlling feelings are into equation now…Controlling behavior is in the equation now
Application and power of the tonights topic. “Keeping the Lord .Before you” can be acquired and extracted. From these words in Deuteronomy and the last Sermons of Moses 6VS 1
Now these are the Commandments ( Divine Proscriptions.. Divine Proscriptions are things we shall NOT do and that will be pleasing to the Lord ) ,,
The Statutes (are established rules to live by)
And the judgments,( meaning right and wrong ) which the lord your God Commanded to teach you. .
Understand Men of God…. the reason for keeping the lord before you
Is for 1 purpose and 1 propose only, Soul Salvation, Soul Salvation starts and ends by what you do here on earth.
Moses , standing on the plans of Moab with all of Israel assembled before him ,,,preaching /giving an inspirational on how to live on this earth ).It is his last sermon .When he completes it , he will leave his pulpit on the plan is ,climb a mountain and die . READ 3
For a nation that had wandered 40 years in a parched desert, a land flowing with milk and honey sounded like paradise. It brought to mind rich crops…Rushing streams, gentile rains, and lush fields filled with live stock. The Israelites could have had all that 40 years earlier. (Numbers 13 and 14 explains how they missed their chance.) Now Moses was determined to help the people avoid making the same mistake by whetting their appetite for the beautiful land
He is inspiring them …encourage them the people to do something… with greater effort, with greater enthusiasm..
How to keep the lord commandments and statues and judgments before them
And then he clearly explaining the conditions for entering the land …READ 4-8
Vs. 8 and thou shall bind them for a sign upon they hand, and they shall be as Frontlets between thine eyes (2x)
( phy-lac-ter-ies-(fi-lakteree)–a small leather boxes containing slips of paper with scriptures written on them, traditionally worn by Jewish men during morning weekday prayers as reminders of their religious duties
In other words. say in your words … Place these words on your hearts .get them deep inside you …tie them to your hands and foreheads as a reminder…etc the Lord our God is one Lord , read 5
Knowledge revelation says the way to keep the lord before you is to keep him in front of your thoughts…
How do we get to this Most …beneficial conclusion, my brothers and sister … we get here by mastering our decision making …just like when the teachers where teaching and we used the opportunity to make the right choice when they gave the test ,,, the same wisdom is applied when comes to making the right choice for ……Jesus
If you did not answer the question correctly you got it wrong and you did not receive the benefit from making the right decision,,,
Then you had to took the test over,,, the questions might have changed and the devi. Might have changed his dress a little bit but you noticed it was the same test as before and it was your remembrance to choose different from what you choice before ….and now you benefited from making the right decision and choice you got an A on the test.
The way to keep the lord before …is to remember to choose differently from the choice that did not benefit …your…soul
The way to keep the lord before you is to tell some one else about his goodness .Moses preaches it here READ 7 ..etc.
The way to keep the lord before you is to put in place tools ……..that will develop your mastering skills……My bros and sister it is the mastering of our Human Emotions mastering control of feelings that …mastering Control of behavior
…The knowledge revelation is…. are we Human Being trying to master the religious experience,,,,or are we SPIRIT filled beings mastering the Human Experience?2X
I’ve come to believe is when we master the Human Experience of …. Emotion of anger ,, , the human Exper.of the emotion of jealousy (theot),envy, of hatred, of back biting When we master the Human experience of Depression, the H.E. of worry, The Human experience of Guilt of what the lord has wipe the slat clean from m when you went down in his Name
It will be easy to make the right decision that will glorify the lord just as putting the letters G& O together to form GO
God put the tools in place when he sent his only begotten Son here to die for our sins ….and now we have the benefit of taking the test over ….and mastering our decision to keep the lord before us how many want to keep the lord before them … stand to you feet
I can only speak about what I know that has worked fro me ..this instruction book the teachings the knowledge revelations ,,,and quite honestly the benefits… makes we want say what shall I render to the lord for all he has done for me
the book of Deuteronomy is the book for final instructions before going into the promised land ,,,the book of Deuteronomy is the book instructions for what to do and how to do it to get to the promised land ,,, the application is you must first understand what the promised land is we know when we walk out that door there is no actual river to cross but there are some rivers of trained thought ,some flowing thought process of how to get from here to there ,,,a.y.w.m.for some that are not lets break down like this …I’ve been trained by the world to go for mine by hook or crook,,, I’ve been trained by the world that money rules everything around …me dollar.. Dollar bill … thats the river that I have to cross when I walk out that door and for most of us in here that the river we have to cross what makes us think what we think ,,, what makes us skip over the wwjd what would Jesus do in our thought process …the application of the forty year journey is to look at and decide when ……you are ready …when you are ready for your forty tear journey to end ….

Oh God is so good, my friends because we don’t have to wait forty years to get to the Promised Land we can get there to day … because of the dbr of Jesus we can get there today …lets keep it going …what’s on the other side of the Jordan ,,,,the land of milk and honey we all know that there is not a bottle of milk and a jar of honey waiting for when we walk out that door a bottle of grace and a jar of mercy …somebody knows what I talking about the bottle of milk is to make our bones our foundation grow strong in the lord ,,the jar of honey is to let you know its all good …tastes and see how sweet he is …..Hallelujah… but lets talk about today ,,,,how can I draw the power that are in the these scriptures these instructions from God thru Moses
To receive the promises from God 1 you have to have a righteous heart which he has given you I will take the stony heart and replace it with a righteous heart (scripture?)
2 wisdom( James ask him)
1 he has given use 2 you have to ask for in other words you have to decide ,,, this is nothing new we have been told from day one its all about our choices ,,, haven’t we … but my choices have been jacked up … how can I not continue to make jacked up choices …
Back to the word tools in place frontlets that that help you remember,,, Jesus Christ ,,, music you listen to books you read ,, shows s you watch ….the people you associate with
that u stay before me… go before where I am going to ,,, go before where I haven’t gone yet ,, go before enemies ,, go before my relation ship ,,,n go before my finances ,, go before my children … go before the thoughts, that I will turn into my actions ,…. go before the actions that I will turn into my habits … ,, go before the habits…that I will turn into my character go before my character ….. That will turn into my destin
Fronlets = holy ghost for remembrance

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