Watch and Pray


Watch n Pray..Matthew 26&41..
John 1..

Emphasis on the Power….that can be extracted …from the Word of God …the manifestation …and the application of that word in our lives as we deal with issues of life…understanding that that his word is the same yesterday today and tomorrow…you can use the to understand what happened yesterday …5 years ago 10 years. …you can use the word for what happens today…you can use the word prepare for what will happen tomorrow ..
Should have seen that coming ..
Did not know all that was going to happen from what you choice to do the today..
Watch what you hear…what you see..and what you say…
Time patience
God manifest in human flesh
Experience your presence …together
Jesus told the disciples
Read..When Jesus went up against satem in the wilderness …with great ease ,,great power great authority ..Great conviction .and .spoke definitively to satem..When satem offered him those options of not going to the Cross..but of achieving his destination..of being King through another way then the father …had spoke..When satem basically promised him the Kingdoms of the world. “and you can have it …if Jesus would bow down and worship me…without any intensity …without any change of demeanor or getting hyper about in his response Jesus simply said should worship the Lord thy God and Him only shall ye serve ..…He responded with scripture ….satem said turn these stones into bread … Jesus responded shall not live by bread alone ..But by every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God..satem went around the got dressed in a different color suit tried Jesus again at .the pinnacle of the temple ..and said throw yourself down.. satem was trying to get Jesus to act foolishly with his power ..those three temptations are and still are the bascic foundations to all of satem tricks and traps today…that we have to watch out for..(Lust of the eyes. Pride of life and xxxx)

When you read Mark and Luke you can feel that there was no tension expressed in Jesus interaction with Satem…But here in Matthew 26&41…hes about to face death ..hes about to face the death of that Cross..Preceded by a trail..That was a Mockery of Justice…witness who be paid off to lie against him ..fear ..yet it was in this Garden that Jesus experienced … a crucial battle….so much pressure and intensity in the mind …that blood and sweat was coming through his pores “ came down his forehead like great Sweat “t It is interesting to note that going up against the devi..that was big deal for him ..but going up against himself…his own Human nature that is where he struggled …( aYWM)….because our greatest against our greatest advisory ..and it’s not the’s our flesh..our human nature ..that even when Jesus facing death that he knew had to come …” for this cause was I born” this why I came ….and Yet he was looking for an saying “Father if it be possible take this cup from me” to understand the different attitudes of Jesus when he deal with the devi..and when he dealt with his human flesh ..when it came to his own human nature he had to wrestle through…he had to fight ..and that’s our greatest fight

…not when we casting out demins ,,,and telling devi. Where to go and rebuking .and all that kind of stuff…..but is when we have to deal with our selves our human nature …that will do anything to undermine our success undermine and sabotage our obedience….to God (AYWM)…
that’s why spiritual disciplines…and practices are so critical …to undergird support and keep strong …your spiritual position and fellowship with God ….when Jesus had to deal with his own humanity …that was when he had to muster all conviction and passion …towards the salvation of man …and it’s that time he told his disciples vs. 41… he said to them …watch and….pray….

(Write)..What did he say? watch and pray…not just pray ..But.. what? Watch ……….and often …we leave out watching …and we pray and we pray and we pray…but without watching without alertness…without attentiveness.

.Without observation as to what going on around us ..we can pray all we ant and we will miss…the very sign ..that God is giving us…on how to pray and what to pray for ..with what intensity..we should pray..Empowered pray …..Comes from diligent watching …It makes so much sense ..that when to watch ..You know what to pray for gives ,,direction to your prays

…So watching is a is paying attention to especially in this world of multitasking ..Where the attention span is quite short..down to around 7,8 seconds,,…we have got to watch …what do we Watch for …( I’m glad you asked…Watch your Hearing …2X Romans 10 ,17n say Faith comes by what..?Hearing ..2X
Because your ears represents.. a …gate

..In which information comes in to your thought process..your eyes represent a gate …as watchmen and watch women ..we have a responsibility to watch carefully.

Those are entrances..gate ways .. we have take of heed what we hear and how we hear…understand ….not the mode of how you are hearing …but how you process ……what you think about …what you hear…we have to watch how we perceive and process the information that comes in. because..

If you have faulty thinking..Guess what?… you are come up with faulty conclusions …Watch your hear…..ring…the quality of your hearing determines the quality ..of your faith..2x…the word says what?..Faith comes by……..Hearing …so the quality of your hearing determines the quality of your faith.(ETC).the art of communication in life is not in your ability to talk but in your ability to what? To hear..Watch your hearing ……because your hearing leads to thoughts..What you hear becomes your thoughts
Hearing become …thoughts that enter into your mind….watch your hearing because the quality of your thoughts /your thinking determines the quality of your life ….how many of you have experienced a Better quality of life .when you started changing the way you think. …I am a witness …..the way you think about people… about God…About money..About yourself ..About relationships..About power..on and on and on..what you think about things..The quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life … good or bad what we experience in life is a product of our thinking 2X… So obviously it is imperative that we learn how to watch what we think…
What you think will eventually come out of your mouth..The bible talks about in this way that the tongue is sharper than any two edge sword..Watch your hearing because what you hear becomes your thoughts,,, watch your thoughts because thoughts becomes words …

The book of genius chap 1 in the beginning …AND God said…he spoke words …so we can see that “God creative Power is in his words”..2X…..thoughts becomes word watch your words because words….becomes actions….
Parable of the sower

In school what do you want to-be,,,Judge Judy asked to create neural pathways ****..


In school what do you want to-be,,,Judge Judy asked to create neural pathways ****..

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