21 Day Challenge

Can you catch your Brain trying to talk you out of something? Because it looks to the Brain, that it’s going to be too much work.

Then the brain uses sound reasoning for that conclusion, to agree with its self, that, yes, it is too much work”

The SMS,21day challenge is about recognizing where did that “sound reasoning” come from.

.. all I’m saying is for you to have. a hey wait a minute. reality check that says.
Yes , what I have just read, has stimulated my brain cells.

To The Point:
The question becomes “The Why” as in, why should I read on, which leads to the thought,
I will read on because I feel it will add value to my life.

Understand, the above paragraph happens subconsciously, I am just bringing it up for a conscious conversation.

To the Point: The Brains policy is;
“I ain’t got time for that unless I have to, make time, for that.
Scientific fact,
If you do not give the human brain a reason to continue on “with a line of thought” within 5 seconds, it will revert its energy back to regulating the other 10 billion neurons of the body, that keep the electrical harmony of the human body.

The 21day challenge will result in the ability to see more clearly and more often where that “sound reasonings” come from, that goes into the equation of two thoughts going into our mental thought process, and one manifestion of action, coming out for the world to see.

…all I’m saying is for the next 21 days be aware,to acknowledge,where your responses come from ,to acknowledge where the story comes from, that you are about to tell your self

Did that “sound reasoning” come the subconscious limitations, that were put in place during our formative years ( ages 2-9)…which now have grown into the large “thick “neural pathways that they are today, in your subconscious belief system.

Or does it come from a renewed mind of/and consciousness, consciousness of what is a good for increase.(for the body), and a consciousness of how what is not good for increase
(for the body) as we respond to the issues of life.


The mis education of the spirit man, will be the topic of conversation.

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