Comprehension the ability to grasp the meaning of something. (Too many times • It’s beyond my comprehension.) Its beyond my ability to grasp or get a hold of so I can keep it) the understanding, the meaning, the knowledge of.

 God knocked Saul of his donkey 


Israel 40 years, Egypt 7 plagues let my people go  

It is in the comprehension we able to start the transference of the action of what you going to do,   when you going to do it, how ya going to do it, for how long you think you are going to do it.( come on somebody) Hit ,drink ,


The ultimate Comprehension being the comprehension of  the word of God Comprehend the depth of valley, the height of the mountain the width of plane How can he sit high and look low ,,,, 

Fear of the lord is he beginning of knowledge and Comfort of the Holy Spirit are the two things we need to complete … fear 1.respect or awe for somebody or something 2. An unpleasant feeling of anxiety or apprehension caused by the presence or anticipation of danger 

Comfort  1.conditions in which somebody feels physically relaxed 2. Somebody or something that provides relief from pain or anxiety 


God did not give us the spirit of fear but of a sound mind etc …


Ephesians 3&18,  may be able to comprehend  wit all saints what is the breadth ,and length and depth and height ..19..and to know the love of Christ which passeth knowledge ,that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God  20 NOW unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that worketh in us . 


See what is not seen 

How can we understand to use something that has not been taught to us?

 How can you apply something that that you do not know how to apply 


Ephension 1..17 ,,18 19,20 21,,,ehp3,3 


comp u gotta do the right thing




John 1 -5 & 14-17 AND THE WORD BECAME FLESH, and Grace and truth was realized through Jesus Christ

What’s going on at that time that, that would be put in the bible right there ?

For this is the day the lord has made I shall rejoice and be glad in it FOR ME TO REJOICE ALL DAY, THIS DAY…… THAT THE LORD HAS MADE I MUST DEAL WITH THE ISSUES OF LIFE…… THAT WILL COME MY WAY…. TO DEAL with it … for us to have a REJOICEFUL Great FABTABOULUS DAY. We must (materialize) in our actions,,, that we will trust the lord….

We are knocked off balance…or peaceful perch… when our flesh cannot have what it wants to have so it gets busy trying to figure out how it can get it….the wheels start to turn….. a decision is made .. Then an action happens ….and a result is produced. … From that action

If you start out in a journey going in the wrong direction, you will end up in the wrong place –
When you do something wrong, how do you feel, conscious convicts, 1john and 2 the Repent and confess…makes things so much easier … 180 Godly sorrow …and turnaround and fly straight … (demonstration)
How to avoid …

How did Jesus do it? It came to him from the father
How do we doit the same way comes to us from the father .
Peter flesh and blood did not revel……

We have to get to a point to lean not to our own understanding but to acknowledge God in all thy ways and he shall direct thy path… That he’s going to take care of it ….
But knowledge revelation says it’s all ready taken care of …what we must do is learn how to walk into that light. Into that joy and when we get there we will realize that the joy of the lord is our strength …that he is a ever present help the joy of knowing his word…and manifesting his word into our actions will give us strength to overcome any and all situations …we find our self’s in rather someone introduced the issue to us or we introduced to our self’s …stuff happens and we have no choice but to deal with it …we can be sitting at home and the telephone rings …and we like hello and stuff is like ..i come up ,,,ans the door bell ,,and u open the door and stuff is staring you in the face and saying hello I come up.. And the word became flesh,,, Doesn’t it feel good to trans form what society taught to what the word of God has renewed our minds …how the Word of God has made us new creatures….new creations …not what we once was …but what we soon shall be…… as we prepare for our heavenly bodies …that’s what going on …when we do the right thing performing righteous actions …. We don’t mind when stuff comes up …we say come on in stuff..I’ve got an ans…For you the word of God..
When you think about its One of the best feeling in the world is to help somebody feel the love of God through your actions.




True love is

>PTL, Honor ,turn to your neighbor ,  I’m glad you are here,, Jesus wherver2 or 3 are gathered in my name I will be in the midst. Tell your neighbor I need you and you need me ..because you are here & I m here ..Jesus is here also (if you know like I know  …If you have the knowledge,, understanding & wisdom –of who Dwells In the Midst of praise …( of what happens ..When the praises go up …etc will you put those hands together & praise. our Lord & savior J.C. ..When you realize, that Jesus is here Right now ….all you have to do is tell him what you want)

>You have to understand. What this service is for …The Great invention …Jesus said … Come Unto Me …All Ye that labor …And are Heavy Laden. And I will Give you rest}

Give you peace of mind ,,if you have been laboring /working on what’s the deal ,, if your mind is heavy laden with what’s going on with the who , the what, the why and the how  etc.}

  • Before this service is over.. His word will give you instruction on how to   recognize And Receive His Will for your life. ( etc I want to be in the will of God )I need you and you need me.

(the spirit man and how it has to over the natural man …on a continuous basis ….show some consistency in  its ability to do the right thing at the right time…

Understand ( rom12.5.. We have many members- but one body..In Christ))-{The body of Jesus was God Manifested in the flesh  …( his thoughts, his actions ,his character ) where reveled in that body(aywm) ) we are here today gathered in that Name ..Jesus.. to receive Knowledge and understanding of the mental Process …( the series of changes ,,, our minds have to go through … of how to attain and retain the manifestation ( we can do right thing  today and wrong tomorrow )…of his thoughts , his actions … his character.. into the members of our own bodies—and many members of his body …on earth .. The church …. Which consists of people.. From various backgrounds …who are in various stages, & levels..Of accepting Jesus Christ.. For who he is & What he can do …( and the reason for the various levels… is the various levels of trust … of letting go … and letting God .. letting Go ..Of what society has taught us  and shown us .. And letting go of the sinful state … we were born into. And trusting the word of God (pause) 

So the question becomes.. What’s has taken us.. so long to get on the same page – as Jesus … and when I ask myself that question ..(What took me so long to get with the program … to get on the same page of thought as Jesus ….. and the honest ans .. would be….. What for ..Or what’s in it for me ..Isn’t it true that Society has taught us to ask ourselves..

That  all motivating question “what’s in it for me “does that question sound

Familiar … What Motivates do the things that we do..( it’s a Psychological fact … the # 1 motivator –is personal gain ….( and all the honest people said ( amen ) 

What’s in it for me … why do I need to act in a manner that represents Christ …

But little did I know ( and I mean little did I know ) the honest  answer would be … I did not know ,what I know now … I did not have the understanding .. Of what I understand now … my mind could not COMPREHENDED.. The goodness of Jesus .. And the benefits of his promises … my mind could not conceive.. What my eyes. Could not see..

I came today to share that Gods Word is the SAME, YESTERDAY, TODAY and will be tomorrow. 

and his promises ( the ans to what’s in it for me ) are the same yesterday  today & will be tomorrow .. Just as he Promised Israel.. The land of milk and honey – he has the same promises to us today.. 

Turn with me to the book of Joshua.. Chap 1 vs 1-9 and we will be REFERANCING THE book of Exoudus 20 & 32( read <pray > )topic crossing Jordan sub topic.. Stop Tripping in Your Flesh. And, Walk in the Spirit    

From Bible class, and Sunday school.. We know the people of Israel.. Have been wandering in the wilderness.. For forty years) and in our text we see they are about.. to cross.. The Jordan River ( set stage which is raging high tide).. But if we go back 40 yrs to the exodus at chap 32 where the scene is (read 10 commandments)

Moses delayed coming down from the mountain top..and they did not believe he was coming back … 

> understand this  about belief, Belief is by choice,, and  once we choose to belief something ..Especially about yourself …you will ignore all incoming information (2x) 

>This is one of the ways we limit what we are supposed to know.. Thereby limiting …what we are supposed to be doing.. To be successful in life, 

Society will try to teach us that we are poor and no good because of our economical back GROUND, Where we come from or even the pigmentation of our SKIN.

 So  if ….we believe we are supposed to be poor and no good because of ECONOMICAL BACKROUND, where we come from… or the color of our skin … we will ignore some INFORMATIOM THAT will  change what we do and how we do it ..

           Orrr-rum         This type of societal influence is presented to us,, ,in our teen years…

Pause’’  some us of did not believe the presentation from society …but a sad truth is ..Some of us did   ……that’s one reason that the drug hustling life and the drug abusing life… never runs out of participants…. which leads to one of the biggest business in America …the prison system… 

   >          I’ve found out “when you don’t know the whole truth  … that it means you will believe a lie (2x) “when you have knowledge of something …but not the whole truth  … or better put when you are taught something … That is not true. And believe it (you are believing a lie)  a good ex would be 

>(We all have the knowledge that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west .. ..But if you where turned around backwards as a child and society taught you that west was east and east was west … and you still choose to believe it .. You are believing a lie .. 

>It dos not change what the real truth is.. You will react and respond. to what you believe ..  and … Receive the consequences (good or bad) from those actions…( I believe I can rob this store and get  a way with it …but the real truth is the store had a video surveillance camera hooked up to the police station) 

But understand the deep trick of believing a lie will keep you from acting and responding to the real truth and receiving the benefits  from those actions ( aywm) 

 So.. Here in our text … we have the Israelites in exodus choosing to believe…. that Moses .. Was not coming back and they ignore ..Some very important  instructions and information from God ( read exodus20)

God lets us know what time it is .. he is  very to the point of what is good and what is bad .. Understand there is no faulty gray area when it comes to the word of God..It is man who has the faulty gray area… in his interpretation …and .. UNDERSTANDING WHAT is good and what is bad for the body of Christ (2x)   (pvb 4&7 )

And when we look at ex chap 32 ,2-9 read ,, so the mentality is lets take our gold ..lets make us a calf looking god …lets make an alter .. Bow down and worship to the calf looking god for bringing us out of captivity..And then tomorrow lets play and celebrate and have a party .. Down the block at the club or at the elks lodge with our god the calf……

…we can plainly see.. this generation ..of Godly people  ..Where straight up ..Tripping. that day .. tripping in there flesh ..and not walking …in the spirit of god …that had led them out of captivity from Eygpt…( oh how soon they forgot what the lord had delivered them from )

 And when we ignore and forget that Jesus died on the ole rugged cross..And became our light to led us out of captivity from Sin.. …we too will experience ,, episodes of  tripping in the flesh –and not walking in the Spirit of God….with   the members of our bodies ( hands feet &mouth ) 

This leads to a rhetorical question? Have you ever said anything..You regretted saying …have you ever done anything you regretted doing … have you ever  looked back at some of the things you use to do with astonishment etc ….and all the Honest people said Amen ) 

The reality of today.. is we have to get to a point to where we are Honest  enough with ourselves to where we can plainly see ….when we are tripping in our flesh –and not walking in the spirit of God…….pause  ( something to chew on ) if you can see and understand the problem .. You should also be able to see and understand..the reward of overcoming the problem (2xetc  I got have a problem with cig,achol,and all the drugs ,,the reward of overcoming those problems is better health , I got a problem with managing the incoming and outgoing  of my finances ,The reward is better wealth .

back to our text…. Joshua and the Isrealites had been  in the wilderness 40 yrs their leader Moses just died , now they come to the raging JR they must cross…with out  a boat or a ship or raft …pause And I believe they looked at this situation and at each other and said no big deal..(( soup cambell)  this is no problem ..they had been through so much ) and over the course of time 40 yrs ..their thought process had been changed…No longer  where they afraid of what God …..could not do …… they had mental activity with a  the series of changes in ….that their minds went trough ……. when they saw this raging  river and…… the final result,,, the conclusive thought was ..that God is a Faithful God ) ( that has been with us  trough it all and has never failed us and ,, and all we have to do is remain obedient to his instructions and he will supply all our needs . 

             SO  the application in today’s reality is when we are faced with major Obstacles/Jordan rivers  in our lives…… if we can just have the mental thought process …. That God is faithful God. if we can just remember  where he has brought us from ) if we can just remember the last time we where in a world ending situation ,, up the creek with out  a paddle ,,, and the LORD made a way….. out of no way and proved that he was a on time God ( oh yes he is ) …and there is no good thing  that he would withhold from those who walk upright before him … turn to your neighbor and tell them to be strong and have good courage……  and now is not the time to give up.. or give in 

..I heard somebody say  I know to much about him ( turn mike ) for you to make me doubt him ..ohh and I heard somebody say weeping may endure  for the night ( turn mike ) but Jooyyy . will come in the morning ..( I love when the anointed hooping preacher says these things…and   as I understand it the inner spirit man gets strength from the power that’s in these word and it sends a spiritual emotional charge to the body ..that will make you shout .. That will make you dance..And in my church ,, do laps around the sanctuary)  ..hallelujah ) I love the spirit man inside of me …simply because it will make me do right…. when I want to do wrong … AS the inner spirit man grows in strength , it will help us walk in the spirit of the lord and adamantly remind us not to trip over our flesh …and the honest people said ..Amen 

(Verse 3and 4 ..Then God told Joshua..How large.. The land would be … the Israelites where to have } (If) they should show them self’s worthy  (read ) .. in this verse it gives the example and explains , that there are some pretty big .. things in store ( for those ..who are worthy ) The dictionary tells us  worthy means –of equal value in the eye of the beholder ..( the way I see it and the way you see it .. it may not be worth it to you but its worth it to me …it makes sense to me but it may not make sense to , you may not see the worth  or equal value in keeping your mouth closed .. in certain situations….as Christians who are  diligently seeking the deep things of God we should  know the worth and value of not letting the dev. Get a foothold.. the saints of God should see the V&W of renewing our minds with that of Christ …the way we think ..The way we understand to calculate 1+1 =2, to get to the conclusion..Of what is good for the body of Christ  and what is bad for the Body of Christ 

Our text tells us three times to be strong and have good courage, which is the ability to conquer fear, and overcome things that intimidate us (2x).. we need to conquer the fear that God Can’t do what he said he would do ….The instructions and information from God is to be strong and have courage.. to strengthen ourselves ….


And  I’m glad you asked the question… how do we do that . The answer my friends is it with his Word .(scrip).. Jesus told the dev it is written.. so when we come to the banks of the raging Jordan rivers in your life ) you will not be intimidated … you will not be afraid    to choose the word of God..if you know what the word of God says ..But ‘’’’if you don’t know what the word of Gods says….. you wont know what the word of God can do… (let me say that again for th honest people 2X) and if don’t know what the word of God Can do .. we will lean … our own understanding …where the word God says lean not to your own understanding… we will acknowledge what society has taught where the word say to acknowledge him in all thy ways … and our direction will be down a wrong path.  …where the word says he shall direct our path …this application of prv 2&7??/ is played out every time time to cross the Jordan rivers in or lives… 

Understand when we look back upon our life.

Reality tells us we are where we are because of choices that we have chose ( 2x) 

But That’s nothing new,, God gave man the ability to choose( the reality is, we are we are because of choses ,, (that we  chose)and when we believe the truth that God has already made an way of escape ,we will react and respond and receive the benefits from those actions  

But he also gave us good instructions  Pvbs 42,4&2 ?tells us ..for good instruction is what I certainly  shall give you THE EREASON FOR THESE INSTRCUTIONS MY Friend IS SIMPLE ..God in his infant widom …in his knowing the the end from the beginning …knew we would need a way of escape …from the consequences of the choices that we.. choose that did not line up with his instructions                     or in other words he has already made a way of escape …he has already made a way of escape through his WORD he has already made a way of escape through his son Jesus Christ . John 1&1 word was made flesh instructions and information that when followed will lead us from the captivity of society  has taught and shown us and…. instructions and information that when followed will lead us from the our the sinful nature we was born into .

, But if we choose to ignore   the information we will continue to tripp over our fleshly desires ( aywm)

As we  close 

Understand we are put into a position to make choices between right and wrong, good and evil ,, to trip in our flesh o or walk in the spirit of God ,,we are put in a position to make choices and show if we are worthy ..of the promises of God a position to show equal value in our praying , a position to show equal value in our praising   ,, a position to show equal value of faithfulness an equal value in our fasting and tithing..(aywm) can I hear from the honest people …and somebody here today is in a position to show if you are worthy of the promises of God ……..Abraham was put in a position to choose and show it with his son Isaac ..Job was put in a position to show to choose and show ,,,Adam and Eve was put in a position to choose and show .. Peter was put in a poison to choose when the Lord    asked him 3 times ,,Peter do you love me more than these ( 3×0 And Peter ans . you know I love you Lord …..And

                    That’s how you cross over to other side of the Jordan rivers in today’s reality ,, by loving God ..More than these … more than these things of the world,, by loving God more than the things that are seen I the world .( t.v. mtv.. socity has shown you … . by understanding that things of this world are  temporary and the things of God are everlasting .. and that by loving God …your anger can no last.. BLG your hatred cannot last ..Big your Jealousy cannot last BLG you wont even be able to Gossip as much …..and all the Honest people said AAMEN us holy sprit ….I’m not going to talk about my brother or sister ,, while they are tripping in there flesh .I am going to pray that your grace and mercy be sufficient until they are able to walk in your spirit . I am going to pray what you did for me lord while I was in my mess    …You will do for them.. they might have done me wrong but I love you lord and I am not going to trip in my own flesh but I am going to walk in your loving spirit …because its worth it ..To see you in glory.. Because it worth it to hear you say well done…my good and faithful servant..And the honest people said? 

>>In my closing this text is about Crossing the Jordan river.. a Wide of space from this side to the other side . I believe the widest space we have to cross in today’s reality.. is the wide space of doubt and confusion  and in our mentality in our thought process .. We have a wide space of doubt and confusion from the natural..To the spiritual …a wide space of looking at life from societies point of view to looking at life from Gods point of view …it seems that some are hesitant or have an unwillingness to crossover living for the world.. To living for Jesus ..And that space of doubt and confusion.. Has a direct affect on mans free will and will influence what he sees..What he feels and what he believes. what he chooses and ultimately his place of everlasting 9Hel wouldn’t be so bad 10,00yrs …. That’s how some people see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe …

But as for me and my free will ..I might have been turned around as a child and taught east was west  and west was east… bur I thank God He shined his light on me .. and I was able to learn to accept t the real truth …that east was east and west was west … I was able to accept the truth  it is better to please God than to please man ..I was able accept the truth and believe that God Can do all everything and I can do all thing through Christ ,, who strengthens me ,so when I com e t banks of the Jordan River …The width and the space of doubt and confusion in my thought process is bridged by my belief  that Jesus died on the Cross ,, went down below Got the Keys ,,.. came back up and proclaimd ALL power is in my hands … now I got the power to cross the Jordan rivers …. Has any body else in here got the power to cross over to the other side e… can I get some honest people to stand up with can I get some honest people to cross over with to the other side

I came to spread and show  a period on what you already know and that ,that the advisory dose not want you crossings over to the   other side to land of milk and honey is to experience Life in Christ … Jesus 

 Understand The Same God That told Joshua.,,I will have the same relationship  that he had with Mosses ,,, he would have the same relationship with us ,,,IF you just Follow Jesus you have good success …in crossing the Jordan rivers 

Time TO stop tripping  Time To start understanding —what you did not understand before 

Thoughts leads to actions ……as we learn the process manifesting Gods words into our actions ..the benefits…will be …..

Gal 5&16

1st Corinthians  tells us the spiritual man searches all things .. yea ..the deep things of God… and glory to God I already know this is not no Kindergarten church ..this is a we are diligently seeking  the deep things of God ,, and all the honest peoples said Amen …

This is the deepness, this generation, of Godly people must understand  …” what is it worth “ as respond to the Issues of life …. ‘Is it worth saying something back. is it worth retaliating .. and going” ( don’t go there) … what value .. Is it me in the long run …( if you can see & understand the problem ..(the Jordan river ) .. you should also be able to see and understand .. The reward..of overcoming the problem .. (Crossing over  … that Jordan river)

(read from bible verse 12 )  then Joshua gave orders , to his officers  to go through , the camp and tell all the people to prepare food for the journey .. for in three days.. we shall pass ..over.. the Jordan river .. and go into the land , the lord has promised .. ( I believe this word …into today’s reality .. letting us know we need to be prepared with this spiritual food .. this manna . just  as 

HDon’t be scared to love 

Don’t be scared to trust God