Love is not Love until it is given away,

  As an intentional thought of Love to be given away, Lessons from the School of Hard Knocks provides an opportunity to be intentional in thought and provisional in purpose.

The materialization of energy, “that is” expended by one’s labor in the tangibility form known as the US Dollar.

True or False;

To use money is to tap into one’s tangible form of energy and exchange it for the value of some other form of tangible energy.

The tangible energy that’s in the words, labels, and phrases harvested in LFTSOHK

( The internal question becomes )Is LFTSOHKS valuable enough for the reader to exchange the energy sowed into their dollars?

I did not know any better because I did not learn any better about my subconscious behaviors, which can produce actions that are not good for my future self.

Lessons from the School of Hard Knocks is that better way, which was not taught to me in my formative years of mental training; and is committed to the incarcerated human mind as a thought processing tool to reform subconscious behaviors by stopping them before they start by visualization the end from the beginning.

With your purchase of $20, purchase you get a copy of the book Lessons From the School of Hard Knocks. 

With the code {1Love}, an additional copy of the book can be ordered for {$10} ten dollars and provides a copy for an incarcerated person.  

(optional)With a personalized message as you would like it to be, imprinted on a bookplate.

This support will go towards filling the gap from “a lack of knowledge,”

Our goal is to get this book into every prison system, jail system,  juvenile detention center, men’s missions help center, and women’s missions help center.

Lessons From the School of Hard Knocks accepts the challenge to close the gap in mental access to a better life.