44 Positive Affirmations for Success in Life

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Are you struggling with your personal success these days?

If so, there’s a good chance that if you take a moment to reflect on your past experiences, you will quickly see how successful you really are.

To be more successful, you need to start thinking more successfully. And to do this, you need to think positive thoughts. One of the best ways to start incorporating positive thoughts into your day is to read through affirmations for success. 

Fortunately, we’ve put together a long list of 44 positive affirmations for success that you can use to begin each day with. You can read one or day or as many as you like. You can even print them out and post them up around the house to ensure you don’t forget to read them on a daily basis.

What Are Affirmations for Success?

Affirmations for success are meant to guide you toward more success. The more you read and internalize them, the more you will see how they apply to your life. Don’t be surprised if you start noticing more success falling down all around you.

he affirmation itself is meant to be read directly off the screen or print out exactly as is. Some people claim it’s really helpful to read or say the affirmations in front of a mirror as you look at yourself; this is supposed to help with internalizing what you’re saying.

When you say an affirmation, you are making a positive statement about yourself. This positivity makes it easier to overcome challenges, particularly challenges fueled by negative or self-sabotaging thoughts.

44 Affirmations for Success

  1. My success is my success. No one else has it. 
  2. Success lingers around me. I just have to grab onto it. 
  3. Where I focus my thoughts is where I will focus my efforts. 
  4. When I look at my past, I only see my accomplishments. I do not see failures.
  5. Success isn’t so much found on the day I get an award or receive a prize or promotion. It’s found in the journey leading up to that day.
  6. Success is a reality that I live in.
  7. No one is going to hand me success. Everything requires effort on my part.
  8. Some things are harder to do than other things. Which ones do I want to do today?
  9. My success is unlike anyone else’s, and the more I share it with others, the more successful I will become.
  10. Positivity leads to success in more ways than I will ever understand.
  11. If I think it, I believe it. And if I believe in it, all I have to do is put in the work to make it real.
  12. Success is found in so many other places in my life.
  13. Take a look at my life and you will find success falling around me everywhere.
  14. I have more things in my life I want to work on so that I can be successful in them.
  15. I will not let the stress of yesterday burden me today.
  16. Stress only burdens my success if I let it.
  17. My life is all about balancing success and being humble.
  18. I am thankful for the people I have watched become successful for they have been guides for my own success.
  19. When I hear a negative comment today, I will identify it as such and then put a positive spin on it.
  20. Success can be found in all areas of life and I will do my best today to make myself even more successful in each area.
  21. Success and love go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other.
  22. I will tackle several work tasks today that I have been putting off.
  23. Success in the workplace is something to be proud of.
  24. Today is the day I will try to get to know one of my coworkers better because good relationships in the office lead to more successful companies.
  25. I am the director of success in my career.
  26. I will use today to see how I can help my coworkers.
  27. When something negative happens at work today, I will quickly remind myself that success is found in how to overcome challenges.
  28. I can be as successful as I want to in my career.
  29. No one can ever take away my desire to improve my career, and that is why I cannot complain about my level of success.
  30. My success is best when shared.
  31. The most important things I will ever do will begin inside the walls of my own home.
  32. In every direction I look, I see more prosperity.
  33. Success starts at home.
  34. When things are tough at home, I simply need to remind myself of my success.
  35. I can take care of myself and my own home and that in itself is something to consider a success. 
  36. My personal success is seen by others.
  37. My personal success will always be an example for others to follow.
  38. The only personal success I will ever experience is found within only me.
  39. No one can experience my personal success because I truly am unique from everyone else.
  40. Life has not handed me my personal success. I have worked for it.
  41. I have all the skills I need to achieve my dreams and find the job of my dreams.
  42. I am talented in many ways and personal happiness and success can be enjoyed through my talents.
  43. Understanding my personal successes starts with understanding myself.
  44. When I look inside myself, I remember how successful I already am.

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